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Absorbing carbon technology

Galio Técnicas Energéticas (GTE ) is implementing an isolated from network PV system of 260 (kWp) to supply all the energy needed in our manufacturing plant Galio 1. The facility have a storage system with lead acid batteries and hydrogen generation. Pioneers in isolated PV installations, thanks to the low cost of our solar trackers and the continuing research effort of our company, Galio Técnicas Energéticas offers to its customers solar PV electric generation facilities that yield the cheapest prices on the entire energy mix

This research project is being conducted with the financial support of Fondos JESSICA, through BBVA funds and funds from the European Investment Bank (EIB), managed by the Instituto de Diversificación y Ahorro Energético (IDAE-MINETUR), in addition to funds sovereign - EEA-Grants managed by Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI-MINECO). The project has the invaluable technical assistance of Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables (CENER) and the Norwegian Industrial ELTEK.

This installation will allow to isolate Galio 1 plant from the public electric network, producing our PV solar trackers and electrolyzers with zero carbon emissions.

Absorbing carbon technology

Under the assumed agreement, in the mass and energy balances that define zero carbon emissions, a factory equipped with full energy supply made ​​by isolated from network PV and self-generated hydrogen consumption by GTE technology, the balances are negative because neither carbon is released in the process, nor is produced in the manufacture of the power generation system which supplies the factory.

This new concept has been called Absorbing Carbon Technology (ACT). Currently there is no better energy accreditation for any industrial activity.

260 (kWp) Galio 1 PV installation drawing