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Galio E1 tracker once installed on a roof

Galio E1 roof/ground tracker

Galio E1 tracker in ground use

This tracker is designed to minimize the investment cost, maximizing profitability, in operation, to the promoter (PPA).

The tracker is self-locking, can be be grouped in series-parallel with a single motor drive. Is self-cleaning; turn overnight the active surface to protect it from dirt and deposition. Detects wind and locks to a defensive position, detects snow and automatically evacuates.

Galio E1 tracker; made of aluminum, light, reliable and low cost; making it optimal for medium and small roof installations.

Mainly desisgned for roof use. Exploited in industrial roofs with typical sawtooth shape facing south and optimized for latitude, this solar tracker produces almost the same energy as a two axes track system, with a lower investment cost and operation and maintenance. On flat roofs improves power generation between 20 and 25% compared to fixed PV cover, which are the only currently existing.

Galio E1 trackers in roof use
Galio E1 tracker in ground use with custom angle

This model is perfect for implementation in large solar farms, using for fixing its own pillars. In this configuration, a PV, isolated array, generates electricity at a finalist price of 2 (c€/kWh) to 2.5 (c€/kWh) in Spain, and even down to 1.7 (c€/kWh) in regions of maximum insolation as the Atacama Desert (Chile).

Like the rest of Galio trackers, motion is produced by a helicoidal gearbox and pull-pull cable drive system with built-in auto-hold, directly inspired from the aviation industry.