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Galio M2 parking tracker

Galio M2 parking tracker

Galio M2 parking tracker for 16 vehicles

Galio Técnicas Energéticas manufactures photovoltaic (PV) parking trakers with one axis sun tracking, architecturally integrated and including charging points for electric vehicles.

Our company built them with the dimensions required by the developer (PPA), depending on the number of vehicles required and the electric power that needs to generate its own electricity, at prices ranging between 3 and 4 (c€ / kWh), depending on latitude. Note that the average final electricity price, after tax, for most users is 23 (c€ / kWh).

These trackers incorporate fast charger for electric vehicles. While there is no demand for recharging, the tracker generates electricity, isolated from network, for air conditioning or other uses of the promoter facilities.

The low price of PV electricity generation of these trackers isolated from network, allows substantial savings in electricity bills of property incorporating this system, allowing to recoup the investment in three years. Also is an attractive service that keeps promoter´s customers consuming for at least one hour of charge cycle.

PV trackers incorporated optionally a system for collecting rainwater with filtration, which allows feeding a non-potable water tank for use in promoter´s facilities.

Advertising panels and channeling rainwater
Pull-pull drive system

A single motor drives a parking for 48 vehicles, with a silent and imperceptible movement.

It´s recommended to install these trackers with the rotational axis oriented to north to maximize the power generation by the solar azimuth tracking movement.

This PV system produces, for example in Seville, 1,534 (kWh / kWp / year). This yields an IRR exceeding 70%, with a three year spay back and generating power at a cost of 20% of the price that has been paid to the public net. All of this is calculated assuming no charge for the recharge of the vehicles.

Galio M1 parking tracker

Galio M1 parking solar tracker

The M1 tracker combines lightness, low maintenance, long service lifespan and the lowest power consumption of motor drive. Galio has developed the only reliable parking tracker on the market. Its technology,inspired on aeronautical technology, can be operated with a very small number of driving motors.

The tracker support structure is, by itself, a parking roof. This represents a considerable saving in projects for large surface parkings, combining the parking and the power generation in one budget. And also the electricity bills by generating electricity for the building at prices ranging as latitude, between the 2 (c€/kWh) and 4 (c€/kWh). The assumed investment returns of over 50% IRR for equity of 20%.

The active surface is inclined to optimize absorption of solar radiation , while providing shade and rain cover for vehicles beneath.

A drum ( pull-pull ) provides the rotation movement on the x axis (north-south ), allowing movement of photovoltaic panels plane along the east-west movement of the sun. The rotation is + - 25 °.

These drums allow transmission of rotational power to multiple tracker units with a single driving motor.

Each unit houses two car carport and has two separate chargers for electric vehicles.

Galio M1 at different angles
Worm gear self-locking

CAD-CAM design of machine elements used in the tracking mechanism. The distributed numerical control network (DNC) of our plant, manages each piece machining in computerized numerical control machines (CNC).

A worm screw defines a self-locking system (hold). The motor turns off after running the movement. Forces on the PV panels are not transmitted to the motor. This means lower power consumption, less wear of motor elctrical windings and PV panel position fixing in a tension cable failure.